Thom Yorke is the frontman/lead vocalist for Radiohead. His best known instruments are piano and acoustic guitar but he has also played drums and bass on a few songs. Yorke was born in October of 1968 with his left eye paralyzed shut. He went through nearly half a dozen surgeries on his eye before he was six which resulted in his famous drooping eyelid. He was constantly teased by his classmates because of his eye and music became his only escape. When Yorke moved to the school Abingdon he met his future band members (Ed O' Brien, Phil Selway, Jonny Greenwood, and Colin Greenwood). Their first band name became On a Friday because it was the only day the band could rehearse together. After a short hiatus as the band were finishing up school, the band moved to Oxford and signed to Parlophone, shortly after changing their name to Radiohead. The success of Creep caused Yorke's ego to largely expand, resulting in his bleached hair during the Pablo Honey tour. Since then Yorke's attitude has radically changed, he's talked about hating the media's obsession with celebrities. Radiohead's music style has radically changed with every album giving wide critical acclaim to the band. Yorke has 2 children, Noah (born 2001) and Agnes (born 2004)

Solo WorkEdit

Yorke has done plenty of solo work over the years. Releasing 2 songs with the Icelandic artist Björk (I've Seen it All and Nattura) and releasing a solo album (The Eraser). In 2009 he also released a double A-side single called FeelingPulledApartByHorses/TheHollowEarth.