Kid A is the fourth studio album from Radiohead. It was released on October 2nd, 2000.

The album was released after their sucessful 1997 album OK Computer. The album takes a turn for the electronic with influences from Krautrock and Jazz.
The album was produced by Nigel Godrich and Recorded in Paris, Copenhagen, Gloucesteshire and Oxford, their hometown. The album's recording sessions were also used to record their follow-up to Kid A, Amnesiac. Which was released the following year.

Background Edit

After OK Computer, the members of Radiohead were psychologically burned out. Lead singer and guitarist Thom Yorke suffered a mental breakdown and writer's block.

Yorke became desillusioned by the "mythology" of rock music and said that it "ran its course".

Drummer Phil Selway said OK Computer turned Radiohead into a "One Trick Band". Bassist Colin Greenwood said that they needed to "change everything" because "There are too many bands out there trying to do similar things."

Recording Edit

Radiohead began working on Kid A in paris with no deadline. Yorke was still suffering from Writer's block and his songs were incomplete.

The band had difficulties with the change of Direction, Guitarist Johnny Greenwood said that "the album might appear too gratuitous to electronica and digital experimentation".

The band had some conflict because not every member would appear on every track. Guitarist Ed O'Brien said: "it's scary - everyone feels insecure. I'm a guitarist, and suddenly it's like, well, there are no guitars on this track, or no drums".

March, 2000. Radiohead moved to Medley studios in Copenhagen for 2 weeks. In this time they had 15 minutes of music, though nothing was finished. In april, Radiohead moved to a mansion in Glaucesteshire. The band was still finding it hard to focus and agreed to disband if they didn't agree the album was worth releasing.