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Faust Arp is 6th song on Radiohead's 7th studio album In Rainbows. The song consists of Thom and Jonny both playing acoustic guitars with Thom singing and vibrant strings playing in the background. It has been theorized that the "Faust" in the title refers to Faust, the man who made a pact with the devil, in german legend. And "Arp" refers to Jean Arp the founder of the Dadaist movement. When asked about this theory Thom Yorke replied "I vaguely know the story of Faust. But that would involve me having remembered it in some detail or picked it off the shelf. Which I didn't. But yes, hmm, Goethe's Faust. I'm going to have to look that one up, actually, 'cause that sounds suitably pretentious. We live in Oxford, after all.".

Music VideoEdit

On December 31st, 2007 a music video was posted on Radiohead's youtube channel for Faust Arp. It begins with a strange story about urine narrarated by an unknown man. After that is finished it shows Thom and Jonny Greenwood out in the middle of a field playing the song live in front of a mic. The song is in a different key than the recorded version and Jonny is the only one playing an acoustic (Or any instrument at all).


Wakey wakey Rise and shine It's on again off again on again Watch me fall Like dominoes In pretty patterns

Fingers in the blackbird pie I'm tingling tingling tingling It's what you feel now What you ought to what you ought to Reasonable and sensible

Dead from the neck up I guess I'm stuffed, stuffed, stuffed We thought you had it in you But no no no For no real reason

Squeeze the tubes and empty bottles And take a bow take a bow take a bow It's what you feel now What you ought to what you ought to An elephant that's in the room is Tumbling tumbling tumbling In duplicate and triplicate and Plastic bags and Duplicate and triplicate

Dead from the neck up I guess I'm stuck stuck stuck We thought you had it in you But no no no Exactly where do you get off Is enough is enough is enough I love you but enough is enough, enough of that stuff There's no real reason

You've got a head full of feathers You're gonna melt in to butter